High Lift Kojack Hydraulic Caravan and RV Jack

Your best helper when situations get tough


  • Super powerful
  • Universally applicable
  • Engineered with safety in mind

Top Rated Features

High Lift Kojack is a great fit for even the largest of caravans and RV’s. It’s built to safely lift up to massive 4,000kg at its max height!

It’s also a great fit not just for all sizes, but all types as well. Lift has interchangeable engager head that suits both – ball and block mounts

The lift has an open height of 750mm. Optional Kojack Baseplate for jacking on soft or unstable terrain is available

Flexible in being able to lift anything – from a small car up to a large caravan, RV or 4x4

In the complete 5-piece kit you’ll receive: 1x Hydraulic Jack, 1x Two Piece Collar, 2x Interchangeable Heads (Round & Square), 1x 100mm Extension, 1x 150mm Extension.

Nothing beats the Kojak Hi-Lift Jack, it is the best in class and you can’t find anything similar for the price, that’s why we put our name too them and sell them too. Our 4WD and Camper Trailer would not leave home without one, yours shouldn’t either.
Jason McCall
Director/Camping Enthusiast of Factory Direct Camper Trailers

About High Lift Kojack

As passionate travelers and campers ourselves, we knew what a great Caravan and RV lift should look like and what features it should have. But nothing on the market met our requirements. Yes! We wanted the best and the best wasn’t available. That was until the Kojack was built.

Kojack was built with a goal to be the most powerful and the safest lift on the market. It also had to fit every Caravan and RV. After long time – designing, innovating and improving, it was ready to see the daylight, and featured all the best qualities we were looking for.

It’s surprisingly powerful and complies with the most strict of safety regulations. It also fits almost every type of Caravan and RV there is, and is conveniently sized, so you could take it with you anywhere, anytime.

Save yourself from unwanted and troublesome scenarios

Don't be caught off the grid – unable to lift your 4x4 or camper in a tough situation when bogged

With all the best qualities – power, safety and universal fitting, Kojack is a lift you can’t go wrong with. It comes in a convenient travel bag, so you can always have it with you, anytime you need it!


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