Australia’s safest and most enjoyed portable shower system


  • Produces Hot Water Anywhere
  • Certified Use for over 12,000 cycles
  • Most Reliable & Safe on the Market

Top Rated Features

Traveling, camping, or even at home. SMARTTEK Smart Hot Water System will let you have a hot and refreshing shower anywhere, anytime!

To ensure our systems can with-stand the test of time, they’ve been tested (used, dismantled, assembled and reused) and certified for over 12,000 cycles.

The quality build is recognized all over Australia, and system is now rated as the safest and most reliable on the market. You can’t go wrong with SMARTTEK.

Don’t wash yourself in freezing cold rivers or crummy Petrol stations.

There’s no need to sacrifice your comfort when going on an outdoor adventure. SMARTTEK Smart Hot Water System is built to add a touch of luxury to your camping experiences, wherever you go.

"We fell in love with this product the moment we laid eyes on it. It has been a god send so often that we thought it was only right that we provide it to our customers as add on for their Camper Trailers or to buy direct from our shop. Hot water anytime you want it."
Jason McCall
Director/Camping Enthusiast of Factory Direct Camper Trailers

About SMARTTEK Smart Hot Water System

Camping in a caravan or an RV are truly magical experiences. Being so close to the nature, escaping the modern life and just having fun. It’s something we’ve been doing for decades and loved every single moment of our experiences. When we were young we didn’t need much. We just hopped into a caravan and hit the road. Now, as the time has passed, we wanted a little more comfort.

We thought – there’s something that a caravan or an RV is missing. A shower. It seems that it would take a lot of space and keeping it running would be a hassle. We pondered this idea for a while until we envisioned the perfect solution and eventually – turned it into reality. That day SMARTTEK was born. A conveniently sized hot water shower that’s easy to use anywhere, anytime and stays reliable for years to come.

Having the comfort of a hot shower when you’re travelling and camping is an undoubtedly fantastic luxury, and adds that special touch to our experiences.

Make camping and daily life easy with a SMARTTEK hot water system

For Caravans, RV’s and Everyday Home Use

Join thousands of users and enhance your travel and camping experiences. Enjoy the luxury and comfort of a hot shower anywhere, anytime.


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